6 Steps to Emotional Cleansing

If you are like me, and since your human I'm going with the assumption, our emotions need a good cleanse even more than our physical bodies on a regular basis.  Since our daily thoughts and feelings about those thoughts can be more toxic than the chemicals outside, emotional cleansing is an amazing Self Love and Care exercise that will encourage even the body to follow :-)

If you are new to "energy" and how it works, just think back to a sappy movie or book.  You can easily feel the change of emotion and the effects on your body when you are reaching for the box of tissues.  Well, how about the current news?  or the Injustice around the world?  and What about the music on the radio?  How are these daily absorption's acting on your body?  Are you feeling more stressed, anxious, critical?  If so, then an Emotional Cleanse is calling (loudly!).


Here is a 6 Step Process that if practiced regularly, can help you eliminate the toxic residue of negative emotions and move through life with clarity and feeling your needs all being met, by YOU.


1. Take Responsibility for what you are feeling. When you find yourself reacting emotionally to other people, circumstances, and events it is usually because they are reflecting some quality you have not fully acknowledged within your own nature. When you accept responsibility for your emotions and cease to be a bundle of conditioned reflexes, you will no longer be vulnerable to the opinions of every person you encounter.  You can choose in any moment what you want to focus upon.  So, if you're feeling bad...your focused on THAT subject - "oh look pretty flower"...


2. Identify the emotion. “I feel_______”. It may be angry, sad, hurt, disappointment, empty, hopeless, etc. As clearly as possible, define and describe what you are feeling.


3. Witness the feeling in your body. Emotions are thoughts associated with physical sensations. Our thoughts trigger bodily reactions, releasing chemicals that have a life of their own. The physiological expressions of stress cannot be instantaneously shut off. Rather, the energy of the emotion must be dissipated before the emotion can be processed further. Just observe the feeling. Allow your attention to embrace the sensation in your body. By simply experiencing the physical sensations, some of the emotional charge will dissipate and you’ll be able to hear the message the emotion is carrying.


4. Express the emotion in private to yourself. You can write about your feelings or speak them out loud. Keep a journal just for this purpose. Allow memories of similar situations to come to the surface and write about them, too. Use language that accurately conveys what you are feeling. Allow yourself to express all you need to about the situation.  Personally, I journal daily in the morning just to set the tone of my day.  But writing when faced with a difficult emotion is an amazing process


5. Release the emotion through some ritual. Physical movement is usually best for this. Go for a walk, bat a pillow, dance freely, listen to loud music or do rapid breathing - anything that will help you discharge the emotion from your physiology. Allow your body to detoxify. Acknowledge the release of the emotion as you are doing the activity.


7.  Do something nice for yourself. Get a massage, listen to music, buy yourself a present, eat a delicious meal - nourish yourself. It takes conscious awareness and a commitment to personal growth to go through the process described above so reward yourself for your good work.


Acknowledging and accepting that we are all emotional creatures and allowing our emotions to guide us as we make our way through the waves of life will help us communicate ourselves consciously and kindly.

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