My Full Moon List of Happy Thoughts!

A full moon in Gemini, the planet Mercury in Retrograde - I think I'll just focus on my short list for now!


There is always a solution vibration

Naps are really good

So are Christmas Songs

and wine, and trampolines (and after wine)

Full Moons, and New Moons with starry nights

Cozy blankets on chilly nights and moringins

Warm fires and candles

the smell of dinner simmering on the stove

The taste of olives when you are cooking

Snow.  when it starts to fall...and fall...and fall

Memories of surfing last summer

Children laughing and playing

Hugs.  All kinds of hugs, those you give away and those you receive

The awe of bluebirds right outside the window, and squirrels dangling from a tree

The feel of fresh air on your face as you walk in nature

Finding the perfect gift for someone you love

The eagerness of anticipation of the good vibes coming 


Happy December vibes!

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