Namaste to You

While finishing a yoga class recently I felt myself pondering the ending phrase, "Namaste".  I've known the meaning and studied yoga for half my life and easily repeat the phrase, typically at the end of a yoga class, but this time it caught my attention.

"Namaste" literally translates to "I bow to you"  Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you.  In Hinduism, it means "I bow to the divine in you".  In my understanding, its the spark of life, the love in my heart, the spirit inside that recognizes and sees this same spark and love in the other.  It is a grand reminder that we are all connected...

So I wondered, how would my life (and those around me) be different if I brought the essense of recognizing each soul, each light, the "divine within" info my daily routine?

Well put into practice I can honestly say, I had a really great couple of days!  Okay, yes, I am a huge student of law of attraction and I get the energy karma of "what you put out, must come back", and so it makes total sense that my attention to others with a loving heart would be positive, right?

It wasn't super easy at first and I still need loads of practice, especially when I am dealing with "those situations", but I felt good when I remembered.  This is really a wonderful practice, that gets easier.  I even expanded my conscious efforts towards emails and messages too...

The practice is quite simple:  upon meeting another person (or animal or tree) center your attention in your heart where you can feel love and acknowledge to yourself that this other being, although outside your physical realm, is actually holding the same light within them, as do you.  When another being feels this recognition, they are immediately touched and more receptive towards you. 

This allows communication at a higher, more conscious level.  Just think, what a wonderful world this can be if we were able to really see our inner beauty and communicate with each other!

Many years ago, while studying Ayurveda with Deepok Chopra, he repeatedly reminded us of the many levels of consciousness.  A favorite quote I still use today, "Everyone is doing their very best from their level of consciousness".  This helps when you send out a loving vibe, but do not receive positive feedback.  No worry!  Just smile and know at least for a moment you felt the goodness in your own heart :-)



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