The Organic Green Foods project was born by the beautiful white beaches and blue ocean of La Jolla, CA.  We love and appreciate the feeling of a healthy lifestyle and while enjoying the energy filled ocean waves during regular “board” meetings, we knew we wanted to spread the waves of health and wellness to many others.  For years, we helped clients achieve better mobility and vigor through our Pilates Studio overlooking the Cove and with this vitality came a new sense of life.  Together we reached for optimal health for ourselves and our clients, and so our attention was turned to food and eating habits.  We desired to provide a clear road map for transitioning from our SAD into one Science and Research proves best today. 

Now enjoying the Rocky Mountains of Colorado... Our mission has become, “Organic Green Foods”.  We believe every”body” can improve and stay in optimal health, free from chronic disease, once they adopt a whole foods, plant based nutrition lifestyle.  We are proud to be leaders in new food for healthy lives projects and we live the dream of being fit, healthy and happy everyday - because or organic green foods…and so can you!


Our Mission is Optimal Health and Happiness for Everyone :-)